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Mormon 1:10
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10    And it came to pass that the war began to be among them
    in the borders of Zarahemla by the waters of Sidon.
11    And it came to pass that the Nephites had gathered
    together a great number of men, even to exceed
    the number of thirty thousand.
12    And it came to pass that they did have in this same year
    a number of battles in the which the Nephites did
    beat the Lamanites and did slay many of them.
13    And it came to pass that the Lamanites
    withdrew their design,
And there was peace settled in the land,
And peace did remain for the space of about four years,
    that there was no bloodshed.
14    But wickedness did prevail upon the face
    of the whole land, insomuch that the Lord
    did take away His beloved disciples;
And the work of miracles and of healing
    did cease because of the iniquity of the people,
15    And there were no gifts from the Lord,
And the Holy Ghost did not come upon any
    because of their wickedness and unbelief.
16    And I being fifteen years of age
    and being somewhat of a sober mind,
Therefore, I was visited of the Lord and tasted
    and knew of the goodness of Jesus.
17    And I did endeavor to preach unto this people,
But my mouth was shut and I was forbidden
    that I should preach unto them;
For behold, they had willfully rebelled against their God,
And the beloved disciples were taken away
    out of the land because of their iniquity.
18    But I did remain among them, but I was forbidden
    that I should preach unto them
    because of the hardness of their hearts;
And because of the hardness of their hearts,
    the land was cursed for their sake.
19    And these Gaddianton robbers which were
    among the Lamanites did infest the land,
Insomuch that the inhabitants thereof
    began to hide up their treasures in the earth,
And they became slippery because the Lord
    had cursed the land, that they could not
    hold them nor retain them again.

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