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Jarom 1:1
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1    Now behold, I, Jarom, write a few words
    according to the commandment of my father Enos,
    that our genealogy may be kept;
2    And as these plates are small, and as these things
    are written for the intent of the benefit
    of our brethren the Lamanites,
Wherefore, it must needs be that I write a little;
But I shall not write the things of my prophesying,
    nor of my revelations,
3    For what could I write more than my fathers have written?
4    For have not they revealed the plan of salvation?
5    I say unto you, Yea,
And this sufficeth me.
6    Behold, it is expedient that much should be done
    among this people,
Because of the hardness of their hearts,
    and the deafness of their ears,
    and the blindness of their minds,
    and the stiffness of their necks;
7    Nevertheless, God is exceeding merciful unto them and
    hath not as yet swept them off from the face of the land;
8    And there are many among us which have many
    revelations, for they are not all stiff-necked;
9    And as many as are not stiff-necked and have faith have
    communion with the Holy Spirit, which maketh mani-
    fest unto the children of men according to their faith.

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