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The Need to Study
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In an article on study by Ray Treat, he says there are three levels of interest: 1) castor oil; 2) dry cereal and; 3) peaches and cream. Castor oil people study only when forced to; they may dust off a book to look up a scripture for the early morning worship service. Dry cereal people study occasionally and they realize it's not that bad, but it's not a priority either. But peaches and cream people have experienced a breakthrough. They can't get enough! (see Recent Book of Mormon Developments, vol. 1, 1984:144; 148-153).

Thelona Stevens said she had prayed for years that the Lord would use her in his work. One day as she was speaking to a large group of people about the importance of studying and becoming familiar with the words of their Heavenly Father, the Spirit spoke to her mind and said "Remember all those years you prayed that I would use you? I was unable to answer those prayers until you had studied and learned what you must know so I could use you where I chose to."

The time came when I tried to honestly evaluate my level of study. I felt it was more than dry cereal, but I knew it wasn't peaches and cream! Then a few weeks later, I made a breakthrough. Study is no longer a responsibility, or even a pleasant pastime. It's now a joy I can indulge in for hours.

The Lord wants to use us. He has something planned for each of us to do. But he can only use us to the extent we will let him. We tie his hands until we prepare ourselves. He cannot bring to our minds, in time of need, those things we should know, unless we've first put them into our minds through study.

The Book of Mormon tells us there is much more scripture the Lord has to bring forth, but this is only for those who use efficiently that which they have. If we don't use what we now have, even that will be taken from us. Now that doesn't mean someone will come to your door and confiscate your three standard books. But what happens to something you set aside for a period of time? It gets misplaced-you lose it (Matthew 13: 10-11).

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