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Joy Comes in Witnessing About the Book of Mormon
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I got ready by laying in a supply of materialscopies of the Jade Book (Recent Book of Mormon Developments, vol. 1), copies of the sample page of First Nephi of the Study Book of Mormon project and additional copies of the Zarahemla Record.

The opportunities to witness were soon presented to me, and it has been exciting trying to explain to friends and acquaintances about the recent developments of the Book of Mormon. I discovered that many persons who live outside the Independence area do not know about these materials.

For instance, while we were visiting away from home recently, we were given the chance to talk to an entire congregation of people about the Book of Mormon. We were given the Wednesday evening prayer service time on a hot night in June in a building without air conditioning. Since we didn't know for sure about this opportunity until 9:30 the evening before, I spent a restless night talking to the Lord in prayer. I asked him how to present the material and prayed that the Spirit would direct Tom and me.

In spite of the hot weather, we had about fifty people in attendance. We proceeded to tell them about the Book of Mormon in the way the Lord had directed me, i.e., first telling about the work of the Zarahemla Research Foundation and the current projects on which they are working. The presentation of the Study Book of Mormon material interested many of the people. Then we discussed the recent developments from the Jade Book. Tom made a brief presentation on Hebraisms, and I followed with other developments. One hour was not nearly enough time to do all of this, but we did the best we could. Many people were interested and asked where they could obtain the Jade Book and where they would be able to get First Nephi of the Study Book of Mormon project and other related materials when they become available. The response of the people that evening filled us with joy.

I continue to watch for opportunities for further witnessing and sometimes those opportunities come with the turn of a single word in conversation.

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