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Joy Comes in Witnessing About the Book of Mormon
by Helen Ultican

My desire over the years has been to witness to others about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. However, there has been a problem.

As a young girl I was extremely shy. I've overcome some of my shyness, but it is still difficult for me to meet new people. So how could I talk to strangers about the Book of Mormon?

Something Ray Treat said in one of his classes gave me an idea of how I could witness. He said, "Start witnessing among our own people; there are many Saints out there who are not aware of the recent developments with the Book of Mormon." Also he said that for every Book of Mormon believer in the world there are 10,000 unbelievers. "So prepare for witnessing to the unbelievers by sharing the new things you have learned with those who already profess to believe in the Book of Mormon."

It was as though a light bulb turned on in my mind-I could do that!

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