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Hebrew Poetry Update
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This type of chiasm is also in the Book of Mormon.
Book of Mormon
A   And now it came to pass that when Jesus had expounded
    all the scriptures in one,
    B   which they had written,
      C   he commanded them that they should teach
          the things
          D   which he had expounded unto them.
      C'   And it came to pass that he commanded them
        that they should write the words which the
        Father had given unto Malachi, which he should
        tell unto them.
    B'   And it came to pass that after they were written,
A'   he expounded them.
Nephi 11:1-3 [23:4-24:1]

Chiastic Structure of Entire Books in the Bible
Recognizing a chiastic structure which covers an entire book can show the reader a book's purpose or theme by what is brought out in the chiasm and emphasized in the center point (Man 1984:153).

Duane Christensen, in addition to identifying the entire book of Jonah as chiastic, also identifies the book of Deuteronomy as chiastic (Christensen 1991:xli). Yehuda Radday identifies the books of First and Second Kings, Ruth, and Esther as totally chiastic (Radday 1981:54,62,71).

M. Phillip Scott's study of the gospel of Mark identifies a chiastic pattern for the entire book. He states:

Having tried to understand Mark's gospel through his chiasmus, I now wonder if, in those places where he differs from Matthew and Luke and where the differences allowed the slotting of an event into the chiasmus, he is not less the eyewitness than Matthew and Luke. For a chiastic plan necessarily creates a priori needs to chisel and carve the material (Scott 1985:17-18).

In other New Testament studies the books of Matthew, John, Philemon and Revelation have also been identified as chiastic.

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