The Hidden Principle: Come Unto Christ
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Lesson 11
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After faith and repentance, we come unto Jesus as a little child in total submission. This is the first step of our covenant relationship. Then we continue to submit ourselves by going into the waters of baptism. This is supposed to be a public witness of a spiritual covenant made previously (Alma 5:27). Then God does the rest. He baptizes us with the Holy Ghost. This completes the second step. The Holy Ghost directs us in everything and we are obedient. The resulting good works represent our fruit. This is the third step of the covenant. God completes the sixth and seventh principles through resurection and eternal judgement. The seven principles then follow the same pattern as the final seven years, being divided into two three-and-a-half year periods. We do the first three-and-a-half principles, faith repentance, come unto Christ and water baptism and God does the last three-and-a-half.