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They say, "The Chinese may have pictured eight people as having a problem in dividing their possessions after having lived together In the ark for a year." More convincing is that the radical "eight" refers to the eight barges of the Jaredites. These barges did indeed divide their occupants from those who remained behind.

Only seven characters have been chosen for discussion here. There are many more analyzed by Kong and Nelson. What is the significance of this information for believers in the Book of Mormon? It is strong circumstantial evidence in support of the Book of Mormon. It fits the Jaredite history as described in the Book of Ether. The Jaredites become the greatest notion on the face of the earth at one point in their history. Even during their sojourn in the Old World they were probably the most spiritually advanced people. It is believed that they were entrusted with the Book of Remembrance which was started by Adam and contained a first-hand account of the story of creation.

Evidence from the Book of Mormon and archaeology indicates that the Jaredites left the Sumerian area of southern Mesopotamia and traveled across Asia and through China. (For a more complete description of this journey see Chapter 3 in Peoples, Places and Prophecies by Verneil Simmons.)

No doubt there is much more evidence to be gained from on analysis of the Chinese characters. One of the best documented principles of scientific investigation is that you only find what you are looking for. Only one who knows both Chinese and the account of the Jaredites could recognize evidence of the Jaredite pattern in the characters. This promises to be an exciting field of investigation which should prove to be very rewarding to those qualified to pursue it.

Although the printing of "The Discovery of Genesis" in 1979 represents the lifelong study of Rev. Kong, it appears to be only the beginning of a process which should shed significant light on the early existence of that great people we call the Jaredites. The timing of this book is most certainly part of the Lord's plan for bringing the Book of Mormon to the attention of an unbelieving world.

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